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How FinalStraw is Doing Its Part

We’re not just selling straws. We want to change the world. This is what we’re up to.

We Work With 1% for the Planet

FinalStraw is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. This means we’re committed to donating one percent of our sales to environmental nonprofits. Not only do we support organizations that protect the environment, but also those that advocate for animals, engage youth, and empower women.

1% for the Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. Their mission is to build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. 1% for the Planet members assist nonprofit organizations that protect land, forests, rivers, oceans, and also encourage sustainable methods of energy production. 1% staff evaluate the track record, credibility, and impact of the nonprofit organization and also verify the contributions made by the member companies. 

1% was founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews in 2002 to encourage more businesses to donate 1% of sales to environmental groups. Yvon Chouinard is the founder of Patagonia and Craig Mathews is the founder of Blue Ribbon Flies.  As Yvon Chouinard said during the 1% for the Planet Global Summit, it’s not philanthropy it’s our rent for living on this planet.

We Support Organizations We Believe In 

In 2018, FinalStraw donated over $7,500 to four organizations: 1% for the Planet, 5 Gyres, Lonely Whale, and the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Last year, FinalStraw also donated 68 straws to seven nonprofits and three schools/student groups.

We’re halfway through 2019 and we’ve already donated $2,000 to 1% for the Planet to cover our annual membership, 460 straws to 29 nonprofits, and 118 straws to 25 schools/student groups.

We Donate 

Arizona State University's Plastic Oasis was a three-day student run event that took place in March on the Tempe campus. Day one focused on the economy, day two society, and day three the environment. Topics included energy, infrastructure, consumption, circularity, materials, institutions, habitation, inequality, education, women, poverty, culture, food, health, water, ecosystems, and climate.

We donated straws for the third day of the event. The students who received straws were asked to provide their name and contact information. After the event, these students received an email with more information about FinalStraw and how to reduce their dependence on single-use plastics.

We’re Pretty Into Education

NatureTrack’s Film Festival is focused on igniting passion for nature through film. The film festival takes place in Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County and draws 600-800 people each year. Featured films cover a range of topics from conservation to the outdoors. The film festival is presented by NatureTrack, a nonprofit organization that provides free field trips for children in grades K-12. NatureTrack believes it is vital to introduce children to nature so that they develop an appreciation for the natural world and understand how critical it is to honor and preserve it.

FinalStraws were given to the filmmakers, sponsors, and VIP’s at the film festival.

We Support Young Adventurers!

The Bronx River Alliance's Amazing Bronx River Flotilla is a 50-mile paddle down the Bronx River through the New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo. The flotilla engages hundreds of participants in paddling the river and raising funds to provide paddling adventures to 1,000 Bronx youth and their families. This year’s event drew over 100 paddlers who raised nearly $65,000 to support the alliance’s youth programs.

FinalStraw donated straws for the top fundraisers. Check out this news coverage of the event.

We Celebrate Great Work!

The Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is a growing global alliance of more than 750 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders in 60 countries working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways, the ocean, and the environment. PPC’s 10-year anniversary celebration featured musical performances by Jeff Lynne, Lucinda Williams, Jackson Browne with Mike Campbell and The Dirty Knobs. The event was emceed by Jeff Garlin, and included cocktails and dinner by Chef Akasha Richmond.

FinalStraw donated custom straws in gold with a red case branded with the PPC logo for the gift bags.

We Invest in Cool Initiatives 

Gravity Water combines rainwater harvesting, storage, and filtration, providing communities in developing countries with a localized source of safe drinking water that is self-sustaining and 100 percent energy-free. This year, Gravity Water launched the Indonesia Clean Water Initiative to provide schools in underserved communities with safe drinking water, while also reducing their dependency on single-use plastic water bottles. In July, Gravity Water will be hosting a membership drive with support from FinalStraw. The membership drive focuses on engaging the public to spread awareness about creating clean water access and reducing dependency on single-use plastics in developing countries. Gravity Water's goal is to sign up at least 100 members who commit to donating at least $8/month. Each monthly member will be providing a child with safe drinking water and preventing 200 single-use plastic bottles for every month they stay on as a member. This means 100 donors will provide 1,000 children with safe drinking water and remove an estimated 200,000 single-use plastic water bottles from circulation.

New monthly members will receive a FinalStraw as a thank you gift, which will allow them to reduce plastic pollution in their own lives.

We Support Our Future Leaders

The Ocean Heroes Bootcamp empowers existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. The bootcamp was conceived by Captain Planet Foundation and Lonely Whale with the goal of empowering the next generation of ocean health leaders and supported by the Point Break Foundation. This year’s bootcamp took place in Vancouver, British Columbia at the end of June. FinalStraw’s CEO, Emma Rose Cohen was a judge of the students’ campaign pitches.

FinalStraw donated straws for the ocean champions, squad leaders, and influencers. Check out this video from last year’s bootcamp.


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