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Cleaning Your FinalStraw...


FinalStraw is the last straw you’ll ever need. At least it should be.

Like anything, wear and tear, improper care, and forgetting it at the bar after too many margaritas can shorten its lifespan. So here’s our ultimate guide to cleaning your FinalStraw. 

Preventative Care

Like that intense yoga class you tend to avoid, the key here is to stay at it. Preventing residue from building up and hardening on your FinalStraw will save you a big reality check later.

When you’re out and about, try to wash your straw in the bathroom before you leave⏤especially if you had a sticky, sugary drink. If you don’t have access to a sink, you can rinse your FinalStraw in a glass of water. Give it a little stir, take a sip or two, and then pack it up.

Don’t worry if it’s not completely dry when you put it back in the case because when you get home, you should give your FinalStraw a proper cleaning along with all the other dishes you probably still need to do.


Your FinalStraw is dishwasher safe. We recommend putting your FinalStraw on the top rack or in the silverware basket. Your case, drying rack, and squeegee should not go in the dishwasher.

To hand wash your FinalStraw, wash the outside with soap and water, then put a dab of soap at one end and thread the squeegee into the straw to drag the soap through the inside. Rinse with hot water and repeat as necessary.

While cleaning your straw, be sure to stretch the metal pieces apart so the warm water and suds can wash away any residue, like caramel sauce, that may have seeped in while using your straw. Unless you’re playing with your food and stretching your FinalStraw inside your drink… don’t expect a huge mess. Rinsing it with soapy water should be enough to keep your straw totes clean.

If you do notice residue building up near the joints, the best way to clean it is by folding your FinalStraw to expose the dirty joint.

To dry, fold your FinalStraw in half in a V-shape and place it in the drying rack overnight to air dry. You can prop your drying rack up in your silverware basket or against the wall—just make sure you’re getting airflow in and around your straw.

Deep Cleaning

Just like everything else in your life, you should deep clean your FinalStraw every now and then to prolong its life and maintain quality. Thankfully deep cleaning your straw is a whole lot easier than your bedroom. The frequency is up to you, but also depends on what kinds of drinks you sip with your FinalStraw, how often you use it, and how much you care.

Sanitizing Your FinalStraw

Did something really gross happen? Trust us. Been there. You can sanitize your FinalStraw in rapidly boiling water for five minutes.

We recommend using tongs to submerge your FinalStraw and prevent it from sitting on the bottom or touching the sides of the pot for too long. You could also use a steam tray and rest your FinalStraw on that.

Set it on a metal drying rack, a clean cloth, or another heat resistant surface to cool and dry.

Odor Removal

Just like you and me, metal can smell for a variety of reasons. Frequent use, leftover drink residue, and that slightly questionable carnitas burrito that you can’t resist make everything smell funny. To deodorize, you can use vinegar, baking soda, and time.

Mix equal parts of warm water and white vinegar in a shallow bowl or baking tray. Submerge your FinalStraw in the mixture and stretch it a few times to get the water and vinegar on the inside too. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then take it out to air dry, but don’t rinse it yet!

Wait for your FinalStraw to air dry. Then rinse it in warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the outside to make sure the mixture is fully removed. After you rinse it, use a towel to dry the outside so it doesn’t get water spots.

If you have a really stanky straw, add some baking soda and fresh lemon juice to the solution for added cleaning power and a fresh smelling scent. If it still smells, burn some incense and pray.

Lemon Seed Removal (and other stuck things)

If blowing through either end of your FinalStraw doesn’t release the stuck item, try stretching your FinalStraw to move the item into a different position or to inch it out. Please do not try to suck the item out as you could choke on it if it dislodges. #SuckResponsibly

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