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How To Say "No Straw, Please" In 10 Different Languages

India. Rio. Europe. South Africa. Plastic bans are spreading throughout the world, and with them, the FinalStraw movement is going international. Of course, the impacts of single-use plastics have no borders. Here’s how to say “No straw, please” in 10 different languages, so no matter where you are, they know to hold the straw.

Spanish: Spain - "Sin pajilla por favor." Mexico - "Sin popote por favor."

French: Pas de paille s'il vous plait.

Chinese: Qǐng bùyào xīguǎn.

Russian: Nyet solomy pozhaluysta.

German: "Kein Strohhalm bitte" or "Bitte, kein Strohhalm."

Italian: Per favore no paglia.

Swahili: Hakuna majani tafadhali.

Indonesia: Tolong jangan ada jerami.

Hindi: Nahin puaal krpaya.

Arabic: La min alqashi min fadlik.

Near, far, wherever you are, you'll find plastic... unfortunately. And it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, plastic pollution never takes a vacation. Now you too can continue to fight the good fight and refuse single-use plastic straws wherever in the world you may be. Bon Voyage! 

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