Special Recognition To: 

A-Tech Machining 

We wanted to give a big thank you to Gary and his amazing team at A-Tech Machining. Gary helped bring FinalStraw from drawings on paper, to a reality! Thanks Gary!

The FinalStraw Team

Emma Cohen

Emma spent the last four years employed at Los Alamos National Laboratories, in the Pollution Prevention department, where she worked tirelessly to limit the waste produced by the Lab. Emma earned her masters in enviromental management and sustainability at Harvard. She lives in Whistler, BC with her dog Burrita.

Miles Pepper

Envisioner of FinalStraw, Miles Pepper, is the lead on product development and manufacturing of the world's first foldable straw. A cinematographer by trade, Miles is motivated by hands-on work and a natural drive to make objects that solve unique problems. Earlier, Miles designed and manufactured heavy-lift cinematography drones and a camera support gimbal vest for the film industry.

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