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Beccah Stains

Chicago, IL

I #SuckResponsibly because I feel it is my duty to take care of our beautiful planet and protect it for future generations.

Monaica Ledell


I #suckresponsibly because I'm a planet loving girl who believes that the planet is our greatest gift.

Alejandra Cromer

Phoenix, AZ

I #SuckResponsibly because there is no Planet B, it is our responsibility to protect the environment so many of us enjoy.

Helen Sharp

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I #SuckResponsibly because I was raised with awareness of the destructive nature of single-use plastics.

Haley Jain

Los Angeles, CA

I #SuckResponsibly because I’m a snowboarder and a surfer. I want to protect the mountains and the oceans where I play.

Leah Grubb

Saint Petersburg, FL

‪I #SuckResponsibly because every choice matters and I want people to become more aware of how simple it can be to reduce their single-use plastic waste.‬

Jenna McCarron

Orlando, FL

I #SuckResponsibly because I want to do everything I can to protect the earth for my children while teaching them that everyone has a responsibility to do the same.

Tina Turtle

In An Ocean Near You

‪I don’t suck responsibly because I’m a turtle, but I need YOU to #SuckResponsibly so that I can turtle-y live my life.