Frequently Asked Questions

All orders placed before December 10th are guaranteed to be delivered to the US by Christmas, December 25th. All international orders are guaranteed to ship before December 25th.

FinalStraw is super easy to clean. Give this video a watch to see how it’s done!

You bet! FinalStraw works flawlessly with all to-go cups. The ends are super durable and we have been testing and stabbing them through countless lids to ensure they last forever.

Our manufacturing processes take place in the US and in Shenzhen, China. Our Shenzhen facility has been recognized for its efforts in minimizing the carbon footprint. They are experts in the eco-friendly drinkware space, and are audited yearly by an independent third party for occupational health and safety.

FinalStraw has been tested for normal wear and tear and is rated for 12,000 cycles, which is twice a day, for 16 years.

We stand 100% behind our products and offer a limited lifetime guarantee. If you are at all unsatisfied, we will accept all returns and give you a full refund.

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The outside of the straw is stainless steel and the inner elastic material is made from medical & food grade silicone. FinalStraw is latex free.

FinalStraw works with all liquids! FinalStraw is dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 250° Fahrenheit.

Yes you can purchase more squeegees using this Link.

The hinge on the case does not detach, however, the case is very easy to clean. Soap and water will make your case squeaky clean.

The squeegee is easily cleaned with water and soap. You can also run it through your dishwasher if you feel like it!

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