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10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day From Home

These days it may seem as if every day is just another day, but today is truly special! It’s Earth Day!

We know most of you are spending Earth Day at home this year (with the exception of essential workers), so we wanted to give you a few ways to celebrate. Without further ado, here are 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day, today and every day, while hanging around the house!

1. Grow a little in the garden. Get outside and dig deep. Depending on where you live, there are plenty of plants and flowers that attract and sustain bees and insects throughout the spring and summer. Create a small space to welcome pollinators and enjoy a busy garden all season long!

2. Audit your trash. Take a look in your garbage can to identify the items you toss the most. Is it paper towels, straws, or to-go containers? Find an eco-friendly replacement for one of these items and you’ll see a difference in the amount of waste you create in no time!

3. Beautify the bedroom. Do a little spring cleaning without exerting too much energy! Change out, wash, and hang linens outside for a refresh and to dry in the warmth of the sun!

4. Go beyond basic in the bathroom. Treat your tush and install a bidet! Once considered a luxury item, this little beauty is quickly becoming the trendy way to trade toilet paper for an eco-friendly deep clean.

5. Get crazy wIth the kiddos. The rotation of the Earth… really makes our day! Have fun making up punny jokes while creating an original piece of art using items from the recycling bin. And in case you need one more joke… How can you tell the ocean is friendly? It waves!

6. Make great things happen in the garage. Going batty? Stay busy and build a bat house to encourage these critters to keep insects, like mosquitoes, at bay with nightly fly-bys all summer long.

7. Install human resources in the home office. Make the executive decision to hire a co-worker and add a plant to your office space. Teamwork makes the dream work and plants are known to be quiet and attentive office companions!

8. Get busy in the backyard. Grab a pair of binoculars, kick back and check out the birds that are returning to local areas after long winters on the wing.

9. Help clean up Mama Earth. Grab a pair of gloves and a bag to collect garbage while you take a bike ride or a walk. Just because we’re practicing social distancing amid the pandemic doesn’t mean we can’t participate in a cleanup. A change of scenery can do you and the Earth a world of good!

10. Join the digital surge. We may be separated, but remember we’re all in this together! No matter where you are in this world, we are connected by our challenges and a fierce and urgent determination to overcome them. This Earth Day, we take on the fight for our common home, together. Join the conversation online!


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