Product Information - FinalStraw

arrowWhat is FinalStraw made from?

Orca tears, octopus toe nails, mermaid love, and stainless steel. The inner elastic material is made from platinum  silicone. The case is made from post-consumer recycled plastic.FinalStraw is BPA free, latex free, gluten free, guilt free, mermaid cruelty free, and vegan! 

arrowWhat is the size of a FinalStraw?

FinalStraw is the length of a standard straw--9.05 inches or 23 cm. The outer diameter is 0.9mm and the inner diameter is 0.5mm. The FinalStraw 2.0 case is 7cm tall and 2.6 cm wide. It contains a telescoping cleaning brush.

arrowI lost my FinalStraw, is there a replacement?

Shell yea! You can purchase a replacement “solo straw” in our online shop!

arrowIs FinalStraw safe for hot drinks?

Sure! FinalStraw is down with all temperatures of liquids. The straw can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s pretty hot!

Product Information - BiggieStraw

arrowWhat is BiggieStraw made from?

Oyster giggles, starfish suckers, mermaid love, and butterfly kisses. The entire straw is made out of dual durometer platinum grade silicone & the case is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. BiggieStraw is BPA free, latex free, gluten free, guilt free, mermaid cruelty free, and vegan.

arrowIs there a pointed end to puncture the plastic?

BiggieStraw comes with a cleaning squeegee that has a poker on the end to help with puncturing! It also has a pointed end that will ensure your straw doesn’t suction to the bottom of the glass but since it’s made of silicone, it won’t be able to puncture plastic on its own.

arrowWhat is the size of a BiggieStraw?

BiggieStraw is the length of a standard straw--9 inches or 23 cm. The outer diameter is 13mm and the inner diameter is 10mm. The BiggieStraw case is 3.8 inches tall, 1.28 inches wide and 1 inch thick. It contains a cleaning squeegee and poker tool. BiggieStraw is wide enough to suck up large boba pearls but might be too big for some to-go cups. 

arrowDoes BiggieStraw work with milkshakes or smoothies?

It was MADE FOR this! We took your feedback from FinalStraw and made the best companion for milkshakes, smoothies and boba/bubble drinks, the BiggieStraw!

arrowHow do I put my BiggieStraw away?

How do I put my BiggieStraw away?

BiggieStraw was made to fold perfectly every single time. Simply fold the straw into thirds and pack in your travel case!

Product Information - FinalCutlery

arrowWhat are FinalCutlery made from?

Turtle smiles, seal hugs, mermaid magic, and stainless steel. The inner elastic material is made from platinum-grade silicone. The case is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. FinalCutlery are BPA free, latex free, gluten free, guilt free, mermaid cruelty free, and vegan.

arrowAre FinalCutlery sanitary during COVID-19?

According to the CDC and FDA, reusables are just as safe as single-use plastics.

We recommend following guidelines and washing your fork or spork with warm soap and water. You know exactly how your FinalCutlery was washed and where it’s been, making it one of the cleanest options out there!

arrowWhat is the size of a FinalFork or FinalSpork?

Both FinalFork and FinalSpork are 7 inches in length and 1 inch wide. The case is 2.9 inches tall and 1.3 inches wide. They weigh less than 2 ounces, the perfect size for your keychain! 

arrowHow the fork do you get it back in?

Align the arrows on the back of the FinalCutlery, then fold it head down and tail up. You can refer to the inserted instructions in your case for additional visuals.

arrowDoes my FinalFork fit in the FinalSpork version’s case?

Yes, the cases are the same! Swap them out, mix and match all you want :) 


arrowHow do you clean FinalStraw and BiggieStraw?

With love, thoughtfulness, and this super helpful video starring a mermaid of course.

arrowHow do you clean the FinalCutlery?

You can place your FinalOrk in a dishwasher, or hand wash it with soap and water. It’s as simple as hugging your favorite tree.

arrowAre the Foreverables dishwasher safe?

Shell yeah! We recommend placing your straw in a “V” formation in your dishwasher’s silverware rack. FinalOrks can go in the silverware rack as normal. Please do not put your case in the dishwasher :) 

arrowHow do you clean inside the case?

A little soap and water will do the trick!

arrowHow do you sterilize it?

You can make sure your Foreverable is extra squeaky clean with boiling water and baking soda.

arrowHow do I clean the cleaning device?

The cleaning brush and sqeegee are easily washed with water and soap. You can also run it through your dishwasher if you wish! 

arrowI lost my cleaning tool, is there a replacement?

Of course! You can buy a new telescoping cleaning brush here


arrowIs your website secure?

Turtle-y, you can feel safe shopping with us! Our website is powered by Shopify whose compliance covers all six PCI standard categories making all transactions protected. 

arrowAre Foreverables TSA compliant?

Final products are TSA compliant in that they comply with all of the rules and regulations regarding carry-ons. However, TSA agents may mistake your Foreverable for a vape or for pepper spray. If that happens, don’t be alarmed, carefully explain, or deploy your straw to show them that you just suck responsibly!

arrowWhere can I find Final products in stores?

You can find Final products in various retail stores like REI and your local shop down the street, keep an eye out for a page on our website soon!

arrowWhat payment methods does Final accept?

We accept payment through Google Pay, PayPal and Amazon Pay along with any major Credit or Debit Card companies.

arrowWhat is your return policy?

It’s hard for us to imagine why you’d want to return your Final product—we stand behind our pretty amazing products and offer a limited lifetime guarantee for product defects—but hey, sometimes things don’t work out and we want you to be happy. If you are dissatisfied with our product, we will accept all returns and give you a full refund within a 30 day window.

To view our warranty page, click here

To start your return, click here.

arrowHow can I edit my order?

Thank you whale-y much for your order! We can certainly ask our mer-mazing team of mermaids to make any necessary changes but can’t guarantee they will be able to make the change due to our fulfillment timeframes. Please send a request through our website or to hello@final.co with your order number and new order request. If all else snails, you are always welcome to return or exchange your products after you receive them too! 

arrowHow can I cancel my order?

We can certainly ask our mer-mazing team of mermaids to cancel your order but can’t guarantee they will be able to cancel due to our fulfillment timeframes. Please send a request through our website or to hello@final.co with your order number. If all else snails, you are always welcome to return or exchange your products after you receive them too!

arrowWhat’s Final’s international shipping policy?

Final ships worldwide. To start an international order, please choose your country at checkout. USPS will calculate the cost of your order in US Dollars (including freight, taxes and duties), and will handle payment and delivery of your order.


arrowWhere does Final ship to?

Final ships worldwide, including APO/FPO addresses. Depending on the country, there may be extra costs due to customs, tariffs or taxes. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria per USPS policies.

Final does not support the use of forwarding addresses.

We do not support the use of third party forwarders for various reasons including, but not limited to the loss, damage, or manipulation of our products and/or packaging. Final’s warranty does not cover any products that have been reported damaged or lost if the shipping address on file is associated with freight forwarding, international forwarding, or the redirecting of packages. Final reserves the right to cancel and refund any order shipping to any address associated with freight forwarding, international forwarding, or the redirecting of packages. Should Final cancel and refund your order, Final will not accept responsibility for any fees or loss of funds due to issues such as international exchange rate or banking processes. Final is not liable for any charges, or additional charges, incurred by you from any third party shipping company for any undeliverable, rerouted, or returned packages.

arrowWhen will my Final product ship?

We want to get you your Final product as soon as possible. That’s why we make every effort to process your order within 2 hours of order placement, excluding weekends and shipping holidays. With this in mind, if you need to cancel your order please contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate. If all else snails, you are always welcome to return or exchange your products after you receive them too!

arrowWhy is my package being “returned to sender?”

For some reason, the post office deemed your address undeliverable. Perhaps you live in a deep sea cave, on a remote island, or some other awesome, unconventional place. That’s super cool, but it might have confused the delivery service.

We have a couple of other ideas about what went wrong. If you live outside of the U.S., your package could have gone unclaimed at customs. Or, for some (strange) reason, the person to whom you sent a Final product to refused the order.

No matter the cause, here’s what we can do. Once your order makes it back to us, you'll be sent an invoice to cover the cost of reshipping your package and you can tell us how you’d like to proceed. If you send an updated address or if your order was returned to us due to you leaving it at customs unclaimed, and you’d like us to reship your order, you’ll be sent an invoice to cover shipping fees. We promise it will be worth the wait (our friends in the sea think so too)!

The Final Co. - Business

arrowWhat is Final Co. LLC's mailing address?

3518 Fremont Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98103

arrowWhat email should I contact for questions regarding my straw?

We're here to help! For general questions about Final products please contact hello@final.co or fill out the contact form below

arrowHow many times can my Foreverables be used?

Our Foreverables are like a mountain combined with a mother’s love, a Navy SEAL, and a unicorn's horn. They’re pretty dang tough. Testing showed our straws are rated at 12,000 cycles—about two uses a day for 16 years.

arrowWhere are Final products made?

Obviously everything starts in the magical depths of our deep-sea lair. Final products are designed with love in California and manufactured responsibly in China. We chose this particular facility because it’s recognized for its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint. The employees are experts in eco-friendly drinkware products, and the company is annually audited by an independent third-party for occupational health and safety.

arrowHow are Final's products packaged?

Final's packaging is printed on 100% recycled paper, duh. Our mermaids package orders in plastic-free envelopes, also made from recycled paper. Final ensures that no plastic is used in the packaging of our products, including the packaging of large orders.

arrowHow can Final Foreverables be recycled?

We’ll take care of it! Final has what we like to call a straw-tirement program set in place so we can be sure to recycle and repurpose all used straws. Please send your used straw to: 3518 Fremont Avenue N #353 Seattle, WA 98103. Please note that this is not an exchange.

arrowCan Final products be customized?

Yes! We’re happy to customize Final products for any occasion. If you are interested in a large quantity of customized products, please contact us at wholesale@final.co. We do not offer customization on our website at this time.

arrowDo you collaborate with bloggers and social media influencers?

Thank you so much for reaching out! In order to better assist you with your collaboration inquiry, we invite you to email us at media@final.co!

arrowHow can I request a charitable donation from Final?

Final is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. Each year, we donate at least percent of our sales to nonprofit organizations that work to protect the environment, advocate for animals, educate youth, and empower women. If you are a nonprofit that aligns with one of those missions, please complete this donation request form. Priority will be given to organizations within the 1% for the Planet network. Requests must be received at least six weeks in advance. Due to the volume of requests, we can only respond to those organizations that we choose to support.

arrowI have a press opportunity for Final/Emma Rose Cohen!

All press and media inquiries can be sent to media@final.co.

arrowDo you have an Ambassador program?

Are you a mermaid at heart (or in real-life)? If yes, you can dolphin-ately apply to join our Ambassador program here!

arrowAre you hiring?

At Final, we’re all about helping the world suck a little less-with totally badass, but responsible solutions! If you think you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to hear from you! Email jenna@finalstraw.com with your resume and a brief cover letter in the body of the email that describes what you could bring to our squad!

arrowDo you sponsor people or organizations?

In order to better assist you with your collaboration inquiry, we invite you to fill out this form​​.​​ If more information is needed, our Final Co. team member will be sure to reach back out.  

arrowHow do I know if a website is selling legitimate Final products?

Nobody is more passionate about making sure that your Final product is the real deal than we are. Shop final.co worry free or email legal@final.co to double check!

arrowDo you have a patent?

Final is very proud of our Intellectual Property! Please visit our Intellectual Property page to review how Final’s products are protected or reach out to legal@final.co with any specific questions or concerns.

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