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10 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways To Participate In Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is just around the corner! Whether you make one swap or 100, Plastic Free July is designed to help you take the next step in your journey towards living with less plastic! So, this July choose to refuse plastic and be part of the solution instead.

At Final, we have spent the last two years making sustainability sexy and if we have learned anything it’s that everything is a little bit sexier in the summer. Check out our top 10 tips for making your summer sultry and sustainable all season long!

  1. Ditch the ice cream cup & plastic spoon. There is nothing sexier than saving that to-go container and ordering summer’s favorite treat in a cone. Lick away.
  2. Shop naked. Cucumbers wrapped in plastic are a major turn-off. Fruits and veggies should always be purchased in their birthday suits.
  3. Display your delicates. Laundry is freshest when air dried in the warm sun. That summer breeze scent is a pheromone all on its own!
  4. Drink straight from the can. Nothing says hot summer nights like the pop of an infinitely recyclable aluminum can releasing an effervescent fizz from a cool bevvy. Even betterrings made of food for the turtles!
  5. Turn off the A/C. Summer was made for hot days and nights. Need we say more?
  6. Say “sayonara” to all single-use straws. If you’re getting Boba Tea or a smoothie with friends, go big or go home! Make sure you always have your BiggieStraw so you can still #suckresponsibly! 
  7. Ditch the date night drive. Impress that special someone with your skills as you take a romantic bike ride into the sunset.
  8. Do it alfresco. Dining outside reduces your carbon footprint. Every little bit counts!
  9. Take off your t-shirt. You can get crafty and convert it into a reusable tote bag.
  10. Take a chance. Join a zero-waste challenge and see what happens…you just might make it last all summer long!


  • And here is one you missed: I trashed my last disposable razor and bought a reusable razor. The shave is much smoother and the savings is an added bonus. I’m keeping a list of every move I make away from plastic to stay committed.
    Thank you for leading the march!

    Diane DellaValle on

  • I am very grateful that your company is recycling / reperpusing and teaching us all how to have a meaningful impact on
    pollution. Showing how eco – friendly packaging and more natural solutions to daily life can easily be accomplished.
    Thank you!

    Roberta Bentley on

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