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10 Ways to Score Sustainably on Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or you’re headed out to a friend’s house to watch the game, chances are a team of linemen won’t be able to block all the plastic at the party. This year, Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium is changing the playbook to eliminate its need for a landfill after the big game. If they can do it, so can you! Here are a few rules of play to help all the fans (of the game, the halftime show, or just the commercials) celebrate more sustainably and understand what’s a touchdown, and what’s a penalty in 2020. Share your score with us!

Penalty: Shopping for everything at the supermarket. -3 pts
Touchdown: Grabbing a few items from a local business or farmstand. If you have “extra time on the clock” head to a local package free shop and buy in bulk! +6 pts

Penalty: Prepping all the food yourself (so out of bounds)! -6 pts
Touchdown: Asking everyone to prepare and bring their GOAT Super Bowl snack... even better if it’s meatless! Check out one of our squad’s favorite go-to snack recipes below! +3 pts

Penalty: Picking up a “brand new” uniform to wear to the party. -6 pts
Touchdown: Thrifting or swapping with friends for cool game day duds. +2 pts

Penalty: Driving to the party alone. -3 pts
Touchdown: Carpooling, biking, or walking with your entourage. +2 pts

Penalty: Red Solo Cups and plastic water bottles. Boi, bye. -6 pts
Touchdown: B.Y.O.B.C. Bring your own beverage container, that is! This makes clean-up a breeze, your hostess will love you, and while you’re sipping sustainably you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that no one else will grab your cup, mistaking it for their own. +6 pts

Penalty: Single-use plastic straws. -6 pts
Touchdown: FinalStraw...obviously! #SuckResponsibly! +6 pts

Penalty: Old school 2L plastic bottles of soda. -3 pts
Touchdown: Soda streaming! Even Bill Nye (the science guy) thinks it’s rad. +3 pts

Penalty: Paper napkins. -2 pts
Touchdown: Cloth napkins! (You fancy now.) +6 pts

Penalty: Tin foil serving trays. -6 pts
Touchdown: What’s old is new! Your grandma’s dishes are all the rage. Your mom’s pyrex is what’s up. Use any reusable dish you have at home instead! The planet will thank you. +3 pts

Penalty: Contaminating the recycling bin with a “party’s over” mentality and tossing anything and everything into the bin. If something that is NOT recyclable ends up in the recycling bin, the entire load of recycling will likely go straight to the landfill instead. -6 pts
Touchdown: Ask your host about local recycling guidelines and then ask everyone to sort accordingly before they leave. +6 pts

Now, check out one of our squad’s favorite go-to snack recipes! 

Peanut Sauce Dip and Veggies
3 cloves garlic
¼ C lemon juice
½ C tahini
½ tsp. sea salt
1 tbsp. rice vinegar
Pinch of ground cumin, cayenne
Throw it all in the blender and add water for texture.

Serve with your favorite veggies for dipping!


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