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2020 Presidential Election: What are Trump & Biden’s Plans for the Environment?

November 3 is Election Day in the United States. We are all united by the one Earth we live on. So, protecting the planet should be something we all demand of our leaders. As you cast your vote, remember that the decisions we make on our ballots this election season determine how we prioritize environmental protection for the future. 

We are not going to tell you who to vote for. And we love that our company has support from customers that have a diverse set of beliefs. We do, however, believe it is important to share each candidate's environmental protection policies and plans. 

Here’s a summary of where the two candidates stand on environmental issues. For further information about each of the topics, please click on the links we’ve hyperlinked out to! 

Climate Change & Energy Production

  • Trump has called climate change a hoax and has taken steps to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement during his presidency. 
  • He has worked to strengthen the country’s oil and gas industries. 
  • He has not announced how he plans to tackle climate change over the next four years. 

  • Biden calls climate change an emergency and has said he would like to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. 
  • He would like to fund the development of renewable energy and ban new oil and gas permits on public lands. He would continue fracking for natural gas. 
  • He has outlined a clean energy plan that has goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Plastic & Pollution 

Do you have a voting plan? Do you still need to make a voting plan? Here’s how:

  • Check your registration status and find your polling location here
  • If you haven’t registered to vote yet, check here to find out if your state offers same-day registration. 
  • Plan ahead! Make sure you know who is on the ballot before you get to the polls. You can review a sample ballot ahead of time on Ballotpedia

If you’re voting in person on November 3, don’t forget to wear a reusable mask, bring your own pen, don’t forget your hand sanitizer, and vote like the planet depends on it.  



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