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Alaska Airlines Wants You To Bring Your Own Water Bottle And #FillBeforeYouFly

Alaska Airlines is asking passengers to bring a reusable water bottle with them and to #FillBeforeYouFly in order to reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles and cups used inflight.

The campaign is part of the airline’s sustainability efforts as they aim to reduce every passenger’s inflight waste going to landfills by 70 percent by 2020. Since they started their recycling efforts in 2010, Alaska Airlines has reduced their waste going to landfills by 65 percent. 

“If just 10 percent of us flying Alaska bring our own pre-filled water bottles when we fly, it would save over 700,000 plastic water bottles and 4 million plastic cups per year,” said Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of external relations, on the airline's blog. 

Alaska Airlines has been leading airlines in an effort to become more sustainable and make flying greener. In 2018, the company launched their #StrawlessSkies initiative and became the first airline to replace single-use plastic stir straws with more eco-friendly alternatives. 

In August, the San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. The move was a part of the airport’s larger plan to eliminate most landfill waste by 2021. 

Reusable water bottles and sustainability have never been so stylish. So next time you fly, remember to #FillBeforeYouFly!


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