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Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week & Get Creative While You Compost

In honor of International Compost Awareness Week, we wanted to highlight how creative you can get while composting with this poem written by our Chief of Staff! 

A Kitchen Midden Medley
By: Jenna McCarron 

Have some food waste?
Put it in the pile
And then let it rot awhile.
Coffee grounds, banana peels,
They really give us all the feels.

Cereal and loose leaf tea,
Put it in and let it be.
Muffin crumbs, moldy cheese,
We can make a mix with these.

Corks from wine, so divine
Cardboard boxes, also fine.
Add some sawdust, dead autumn leaves,
Maybe a bit of potpourri.

Now back to snacks
Like what you ask?
Popcorn kernels, pumpkin seeds,
Crushed up candy, dried seaweeds. 

There’s so much more
Add home waste galore.
You can even use crumbs from the floor,
Composting is great for these and more. 

Have a bunch of outdoor fun
When composting in the sun.
Just remember, once in a while
Don’t forget to turn the pile!


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