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How You Can Help Eliminate Unnecessary Waste And #CutOutCutlery

By now, you've probably heard that single-use plastic is problematic. And the pandemic hasn't helped the plastic problem. 

Our CEO & Founder, Emma Rose Cohen, and Sheila Morovati, the founder of Habits of Waste (our nonprofit partner) joined Nathalia Ramos in her latest episode of WTF is Happening.

Have five minutes? Check out the video and listen to Emma, Sheila, and Nathalia debunk some common myths about the safety of reusables during the pandemic and talk about why it's so important to #CutOutCutlery!

Since the pandemic began, single-use plastic usage has skyrocketed. But remember, according to more than 100 scientists, reusables are safe to use during the pandemic

Are you ready to help make a change and eliminate unnecessary waste?

Join Habits of Waste's #CutOutCutlery campaign and help reduce the 40 billion single-use plastic utensils that are thrown away every year. To join the campaign, all you have to do is click this link to send an email to food delivery services like DoorDash and GrubHub. The email will request that they install an opt-in default setting for putting plastic cutlery in orders instead of automatically providing plastic cutlery to their customers. 

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