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Final Donates 100% of Proceeds from New Mama Earth Enamel Pins to Nonprofit Fighting Plastic Pollution

Good habits are hard to break! We just dropped a beautiful new enamel pin in partnership with Habits of Waste. This World Oceans Day make Mama Earth proud and give back! 

Similar to Final’s mission of reducing single-use waste, the mission at Habits of Waste (HoW), is to “protect the environment by finding solutions to create collective societal change through individualized shifts in habitual behavior.” That’s “HoW” we knew we should contribute 100% of the proceeds from our Mama Earth pins to the work Habits of Waste is doing to help protect our planet. 

Looking for a way to drop a bad habit? Check out HoW’s three main initiatives:

  1. #CutOutCutlery: Opt out of plastic cutlery with meal delivery. Request that meal delivery companies change their default settings so that single-use plastic cutlery is available only if requested by the customer.
  2. #DrinkTap: Switch to filtered tap water. Disrupt the multi-billion dollar single-use water bottle industry that is choking our planet with plastic. You can protect the planet and save money at the same time!
  3. #LAGreenTeen: Get smart and make local school communities more sustainable. HoW is supporting Los Angeles Senior High School so that students can have access to a new water filtration system that will enable everyone at the school to drink safely from reusable water bottles.  

At Final, we believe that each and every one of us has the power to make a difference. Pay it forward with a pin. Together, we can clean up the planet by eliminating “one habit of waste” at a time and by adopting new practices for a less wasteful, more beautiful world.

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