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Florida Man and Woman Trash State Capitol Steps For All The Right Reasons

Early this week two activists dumped 3,000 pounds of trash on the steps of the old state Capitol in Tallahassee. Bryan Galvin and Heather Bolint say their message is straightforward: ban or reduce single-use plastic. 

The trash was collected on a 1,200 mile journey around Florida’s coastline. And they found more than just the normal bottles, bags and fishing equipment left at sea. They also came across a kiddie pool, a Spiderman beach ball, a boogie board and a pink ice shovel, among other items.

While the trash can be cleared from the steps, more will continue to wash up on Florida’s coastline. They hope the visual statement on the steps of the Capitol will resonate with lawmakers and encourage them to follow the examples of California, New York, Washington and Oregon, who all have single-use plastic bans in place for a variety of items. 


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