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Introducing BiggieStraw: A Reusable, Collapsible Straw For Boba Tea & Smoothie Lovers

Since launching FinalStraw—the original collapsible, reusable straw—suckers from around the world have been writing to our team asking if we planned to make a boba or bubble tea straw. Well, get ready for some BIG news… BiggieStraw is here and it’s ready to suck the thickest smoothies and the biggest boba balls!

You’ll be able to enjoy a bit more smoothie, boba, or milkshake, if that’s your blend, all while living sustainably with a BiggieStraw in hand. This convenient reusable straw makes it easy to say no to single-use plastic. Biggie also comes in a cute carrying case, just like it’s sister straw, along with a cleaning squeegee so it’s easy to clean whether you’re at home or on the go.

We are halfway through Plastic Free July (our favorite month of the year)! How has your month been? Remember, PFJ isn’t about shaming people who use plastic, it’s about encouraging everyone to find sustainable alternatives and helping others discover how to eliminate single-use plastic from their lives. Whether BiggieStraw is your first sustainable swap or you’ve been living a low-waste lifestyle for years, every little bit helps. We’d love to be a part of your journey to living with less waste! 

So, what are you waiting for? BiggieStraw is available in five fun colors and is ready to help you suck and save the planet! You won’t find a bigger sucker and we’d be delighted to see how you #suckresponsibly! Tag us on Instagram @finalstraw. :) 


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