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Introducing FinalWipe: The Reusable Sanitizing Wipe

We launched FinalWipe on Kickstarter on March 31 and hit our funding goal in less than 8 hours. We are honestly blown away by the support! 

Over the past few days we have also received some incredible feedback and very thoughtful questions. We thought it’d be helpful to do a quick Q&A session with you about FinalWipe so we can all stop flushing our forests and start sanitizing sustainably!  

Is FinalWipe real? 

Yes, FinalWipe is real! Although the concept began as part of an April Fool’s joke we quickly realized that FinalWipe could actually be the solution to a greater issue. 

So...what is FinalWipe?

FinalWipe is a multipurpose reusable wipe. It comes in two sizesFinalWipe Home and FinalWipe Travelso you can keep things clean sustainably whether you’re at home or on the go! 

Ok then, how does FinalWipe work? 

FinalWipe can be used wet or dry! When used wet, in conjunction with the cleaning tablets solution, it acts like a reusable wet wipe. Simply combine one cleaning tablet with water in the FinalWipe container, let it dissolve, and soak the FinalWipes. After your wipes are saturated, they can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Launder FinalWipes with like colors.

Can FinalWipe actually be used as toilet paper or like a baby wipe?

FinalWipe can be used as a replacement for toilet paper however only after #1 or when used in conjunction with a bidet (unless you’re a mermaid). We love FinalWipe for bidet users because it completely addresses “wet tush syndrome.” This condition commonly occurs when a bidet user makes use of toilet paper to dry their tush after spritzing, which ultimately causes little clumps of TP to stick to the skin. 


How many times can FinalWipe be used before it requires laundering and re-soaking in the solution?

This is truly determined by user preference and depends on what kind of mess you are cleaning up. We do recommend washing your FinalWipe immediately after any potty related messes! 

What are the cleaning tablets made of?

We are currently finalizing the formula for our cleaning tablets, but rest assured they will be non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe for everyone, and Mama Earth approved! We will release further information with the list of ingredients very soon.

Wait... what about FinalFork?

FinalFork made its debut in August 2020! We had originally planned to launch earlier in the year, but when the pandemic hit it didn’t feel right to launch a reusable fork designed for travel at a time when no one is traveling, due to social distancing and travel bans.

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