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LA’s Had Its Final Straw, Plastic Straw Ban In Full Effect

The LA “straws on request” initiative is now in full swing, meaning all restaurants are required to withhold plastic straws, unless a customer requests them.

The first part of the initiative went into effect on Earth Day in April when businesses with 26 employees or more—including restaurants like In-N-Out and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles—were required to comply with the new law. 

Now, as of October 1, the initiative applies to small eateries, cafes, and even hole-in-the-wall joints with two tables. Whether you’re eating in, ordering takeout, or picking up lunch from a food truck, the law will apply. 

California adopted a statewide single-use plastic straw policy in 2018, but Los Angeles’ law is more restrictive since it also applies to drive-thru fast-food chains. 

The new law will be enforced based on complaints. Restaurants will face fines of $25 per violation up to $300.


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