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Presenting Pirates-Booty Black in Partnership with Sea Shepherd

Final announced the release of a new, limited edition FinalStraw⏤⁣Pirate’s Booty Black⏤⁣in partnership with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The black case, accompanied by a gold or black straw will be available on Friday the 13th of September. Ten percent of sales from this collection will be donated to Sea Shepherd to support their ocean habitat conservation and marine life protection programs. Through this partnership, Final will help Sea Shepherd to save 250 sharks. 

Get your own Pirate's Booty Black FinalStraw now! 

Who Sea Shepherd Is

They’re badass pirates that protect sharks. Seriously. Sea Shepherd leads aggressive and collaborative campaigns, providing government agencies with the vessels, crew and fuel they need to patrol their waters, enforce laws and make arrests on the spot.

Why They Matter

Shark poaching is a multi-billion dollar industry. An estimated 100 million sharks are illegally killed every year around the world—that’s more than 11,000 an hour. Sea Shepherd is the only organization patrolling, documenting, and taking legal action against shark poaching. 

What Sea Shepherd Does

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Mamacocha addresses illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor covering nearly two million square kilometers (770,000 square miles) of ocean. Twenty dollars a day keeps their ship, Brigitte Bardot, up and running. The Brigitte Bardot tracks down illegal vessels and confiscates their longlines, which are used to catch sharks and other sea creatures. On one trip alone, two vessels were reported to the regional fisheries commission as well as their own country’s fisheries ministry. Finding these ships and documenting their illegal activity so that they are removed from the ocean saves hundreds of thousands, of sharks.

Watch Sea Shepherd's Operation Mamacocha Wrap-up Here

If you don’t need a reusable, collapsible straw, but still want to support Sea Shepherd’s mission. Learn more about how you can support the nonprofit here.

More About Sea Shepherd

“Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protects our oceans and marine wildlife by investigating, documenting, reporting, deterring, and stopping those who destroy species and ecosystems. We are an international non-profit and a global movement, with the vessels, the volunteers, the passion and the government partnerships to defend our seas like no other organization can. 

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is the largest private navy in the world to take action, putting ourselves on the front lines in the war against poaching. Our approach is distinctive. We lead aggressive and collaborative campaigns, providing government agencies with the vessels, crew and fuel they need to patrol their waters, enforce law and make arrests on the spot. We remove killer nets, conduct vital marine research, clean beaches, patrol waters and do so much more in service of our seas.”


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