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Single-Use Cleaning Is So Last Year

Let us take you back in time.

It’s March 2020, the stores are packed but the paper goods aisles are bare.

The desire to clean was at an all time high and the tools to do it were at an all time low.

This past year taught us how important it is to regularly clean high-touch surfaces (and our hands) and showed us how quickly products can run out when everyone’s doing it!

We think you deserve to have cleaning products that will never go out of stock and have more of a sustainable flare! Coming soon, you will be able to buy FinalWipe, ensuring you are never without the supplies you need to keep your house squeaky clean and sustainable.

Here are the benefits of having reusable cleaning products in your home:

  • You’re making less trips to the store to restock on cleaning paper products.
  • If you purchase a CleanTab subscription, we'll keep you regularly stocked with cleaning solution (right to your door)!
  • You are saving money on gas by not having to make special trips to stock up!
  • They are pandemic proof and will always be available when you need them! (Because you hardly have to replace them, duh.)

Check paper products off your list for good.

Are you ready to wipe out waste?


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