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Stealing Reusable Straws From Restaurants Isn’t Very (Eco)Friendly

First, people litter… now they steal?! 

Yes, folks, people are stealing reusable straws from the restaurants that provide them. This five-fingered discount has started happening as restaurants begin engaging in more eco-friendly practices.

Reusable straws are certainly shiny, cute and trendy (especially one in particular...) but stealing them from restaurants is not cool. Not only can it cost a restaurant thousands of dollars to replace reusable straws, it defeats the purpose of them altogether. 

Reusable straws are meant to be reused. Mining the steel to create these straws uses valuable resources. When people steal a straw and a restaurant needs to order more, instead of simply washing the reusable straws they already bought, we’re no longer doing the environment a favor. 

We want to be very clear… we’re advocates for reusable straws—we invented FinalStraw after all—but it’s time people learn that wasting, abusing, stealing or losing reusable products before their lifecycle is up isn’t any better than single-use. Reusable items need to be used many, many times for their environmental impact to be better than that of their single-use counterparts. 

Let’s help the restaurants trying to help Mama Earth. When you go out to a restaurant you pay for the food and drinks you consume, you don’t take the glass and plate you eat it from home with you. So don’t take the straw either. 

Encourage people to do the right thing. Tell them if they want to suck, then they can suck responsibly by carrying their very own FinalStraw with them wherever they go. 


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