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The Evolution of Cutlery: From The First Fork, To Single-Use Plastic Forks, To FinalFork

The evolution of the modern day dining experience has taken thousands of years. Centuries ago, chopsticks became the first well known piece of cutlery. Soon after, spoons, forks, (considered the most scandalous of utensils), knives (outlawed at the table by Louis XIV as too dangerous), and finally sporks appeared on the scene! 

Plastic cutlery was first manufactured in the 1940’s but did not become widely used until the rise of the fast food industry in the 1960’s. This tool, grabbed solely for convenience, has become a problematic symbol of plastic pollution.

Always on the lookout for ways to bring sexy sustainables to the masses and eliminate single-use plastics, our team has been hard at work creating FinalFork and FinalSpork. We’re hopeful that we can advance the evolutionary timeline of cutlery for centuries to come—the FinalCutlery—as we lovingly refer to them, were designed to become the FinalFork and FinalSpork you will ever need. Just like their cousin FinalStraw, the FinalCutlery self-assemble into full sized, durable stainless steel utensils and fold up to fit in a convenient carrying case made from recycled plastic. FinalCutlery can go with you wherever you go so you can stay safe, avoid contamination, and be part of the solution to plastic pollution!

At Final, it's our mission to reduce single-use plastics however we can, but our team also feels very strongly about what should (and should not) be eaten with a fork or spork!

Overwhelmingly, everyone at Final agrees that pasta and salad must be eaten with a fork! However, when it comes to sporks, the team is all over the place. Emma uses hers for ice cream. Madison dives into a bowl of french onion soup. Matt shovels in curry and Katie tackles chili. Of course, Jenna uses her spork for fruit cocktail and Carolina likes to have her cake and eat it too (all with a spork, of course)!

Whichever utensil you prefer to use, be it a fork or a spork, we hope that you will always choose to reuse with Final!


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