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Tips & Tricks On How To Clean Sustainably With FinalWipe

How do you clean your cleaning products? We know, it sounds a little funny to clean what you clean with, but it comes with the territory when you’re ditching single-use items like paper towels!

Here are our tops tips for making sure your FinalWipe containers and wipes are clean so you can, well… clean. 

  1. Always rinse your FW's thoroughly after cleaning up big spills.

  2. Don’t forget to deep clean! FinalWipes are washing machine safe, but nothing beats a good soak. Simply collect soiled wipes in a container of soapy water, allow to sit, rinse and air dry!

  3. Stop the stain! Even after cleaning some of the mess may leave a mark. Hanging your wipes in the sun, which is a natural stain remover and germicide, is a great option for freshening up wipes that have done the heavy work around the house!
And there you have it… some cleaning tips for your cleaning wipes!
If you have any other questions as you use your products feel free to comment on our social posts, DM us on IG, or send us an email at!

We can’t wait to see how you wipe out waste!


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