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Trader Joe’s Reduces Produce Prices and Plastic Packaging

Trader Joe’s announced they’re rolling back produce prices. 

This news alone is exciting, but we’re even more delighted about why they’re cutting prices. As they work to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use on items like potatoes, onions, garlic and apples, they’re also eliminating the cost associated with it. It’s a win for people and the planet! 

“The cost of putting those two little heads of garlic in a sleeve added a lot to our costs,” said Jack Salamon, Trader Joe’s category manager for produce. 

Two garlic heads retailed for $1.39. “But now, you can go to Trader Joe’s and get a big clove of garlic for 49 cents,” Salamon said. 

The change comes after frequent Trader Joe’s shoppers took to the internet to sign a petition asking the store to reduce their plastic packaging. 

At the end of 2018, the store responded and announced they’d be eliminating more than 1 million pounds of plastic from their stores in 2019. Now the company has said that number is even bigger.

“We are on track to eliminate 4 million pounds of plastic from our stores in 2019 and 2 ½ million pounds of that plastic has come directly out of the produce section,” said Salamon. 

Remember, natural packaging is the best kind of packaging. Avocados, bananas, corn, nectarines, potatoes and tomatoes are all grown with a wrapper! Just don’t forget to give these fruits and veggies a good scrub when you get home. 

So while Trader Joe’s is making strides to do their part, remember to do your part and bring your reusable bags.


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