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Your Weekly Plastic Wrap: The Final Word Episode #1

We’re excited to introduce a new IGTV series we’ll be putting out every week to help you stay informed about what’s happening when it comes to plastic pollution. So, without further ado, here’s your weekly plastic wrap! 


A new report about the world’s top plastic polluters exposes how companies have avoided regulation for decades and actively worked to derail regulatory legislation around the globe. The investigation also found that plastic producers used the pandemic to capitalize on people’s fear while working to delay environmental legislation.

New York State will begin enforcing its single-use plastic bag ban on October 19, 2020. The ban first went into effect in March but hasn’t been enforced due to a lawsuit brought against the state by a plastic bag manufacturer. Stores violating the ban will receive a warning for their first offense. If found violating a second time they will be fined $250; a third offense could cost them $500.

Earlier in September, Starbucks announced that they were saying goodbye to straws in the United States and Canada and hello to strawless lids. The new lids are made with approximately 9% less plastic than the old lids. While we’ll always advocate for reusables, this is a huge step in the right direction for such a large corporation. If you’re still looking for a straw fix, both the classic FinalStraw and the BiggieStraw fit perfectly in the new lid.

Remember, more than 100 scientists signed a statement saying reusables are safe to use during the pandemic. Covid-19 is primarily spread through the air, rather than through contact with surfaces, meaning reusables are safe when taking precautions like washing reusables thoroughly with hot water and soap and washing your hands.

And that’s our plastic news wrap. We’ll be back next week with more! 


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