The Team

The FinalStraw team came together in October 2017 with a pretty big idea—to end plastic straw use with a game-changing reusable straw design.

Our groundbreaking kickstarter campaign raised 1.89 million dollars and started a global movement to reduce single-use plastics.

Emma Rose Cohen CEO

Before starting FinalStraw, Emma earned her master's degree in environmental management and sustainability at Harvard. She spent four years in the Pollution Prevention Department at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working to reduce the Lab’s waste. Emma lives in Santa Barbara, California with her dog Burrita and her spirit animal is a cuttlefish. 

Kari Iverson-Sechi Public Relations

Kari has a background in journalism and TV production focusing on food, culture and travel. She learned about the importance of reusing items from her grandma who never got on board with the idea of paper napkins (she still uses cloth napkins). Kari's a life-long-learner, a professional procrastinator and loves a good pun. Her spirit animal is a stingray.

Jenna McCarron Executive Assistant

Jenna, a former science teacher turned stay-at-home-mom, was compelled to abandon plastic straws after her youngest daughter insisted their family ditch the straws to save the ocean from plastic pollution. When not engaged in the pursuit of counterfeit FinalStraws, she can be found helping her kids ace their homework, hosting ice cream parties, and singing in the car. Her spirit animal is a very proud mama bear.

Alejandra Cromer Customer Service

Alejandra has been a lifelong lover of the outdoors, and seeing the trash left behind in even the most remote places has ignited her passion to #LeaveItBetter and eliminate single-use plastics. She is a dog-person (with a two of her own) and a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. Her spirit animal is an otter, aka water dogs.

Leah Grubb Social Media

Leah, FinalStraw’s social media guru, has always been drawn to the power of social platforms and fascinated by their inner workings. She strives to share meaningful messages that spark conversations about everything from plastic pollution to who the rightful heir of airplane armrests is (it’s the middle seat). Leah loves to cook, aspires to be Joanna Gaines, and her spirit animal is a Shark.

Burrita Professional Snuggler

Burrita was rescued from the Espanola Animal Shelter when Emma decided to swing by the pound instead of getting a burrito. Burrita loves chasing squirrels, going backcountry skiing, and is a professional snuggler.

Madison Conradis Customer Service and IP Enforcement

Madison was raised in sunny Melbourne, Florida where she developed a passion for giving back to the community at a young age. She received her MBA from Florida Institute of Technology and built her career in the promotional products industry. Madison goes back her roots as a collegiate softball player and embraces her love of travel at the same time by attempting to catch a game at every MLB stadium in the country. Her spirit animal is a shark, which also happens to be her favorite animal. 

John Davies Content Strategist

John Clary Davies started his career as an environmental writer in the Pacific Northwest. He went on to work for outdoor magazines like Outside and Powder, where he was the editor for four years. He is a skier, surfer, and mountain-biker. For FinalStraw, he hopes to share a narrative about the impacts of single-use plastics and how our everyday decisions shape the world. 

Haley Jain Haggerstone Strategic Partnerships Manager

Haley has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation and a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. She worked with the Surfrider Foundation in Vancouver and San Diego, before becoming 5 Gyres Development and Partnerships Director and FinalStraw's Strategic Partnerships Manager. Haley is on the Board of Directors of Surfrider Foundation Canada and a volunteer with STOKED Mentoring. Her spirit animal is an octopus.