Q: I've ordered my pre-sale straw. Now what?

We are currently in product development to ensure that you receive the highest quality straw. Our expected delivery date is November 2018.


Q: How do you clean FinalStraw?

We've made a video demonstrating how FinalStraw is cleaned.


You can also watch it here: How To Clean Final Straw 

Q: Does the straw work with plastic to-go cup lids?

You bet! FinalStraw works flawlessly with all to-go cups. The ends are super durable and we have been testing and stabbing them through countless lids to ensure they last forever.

Q: How do I put the straw back in the container?

FinalStraw folds up to the size of a car key and fits in its sexy case. Watch our mermaid put the straw in the case in this video:


Q: Where is FinalStraw manufactured?

We’re currently working with multiple manufacturers to deliver a high-quality straw on time. Our manufacturer location is currently undetermined, but we will make sure is produced in a factory that is socially and environmentally responsible. We take our mission very seriously and will be 100% transparent with our manufacturing process.

Q: Has the FinalStraw been tested?

FinalStraw has been thoroughly tested by 200+ suckers around the world. We will be working with a team of quality assurance experts in order to release the most advanced straw in the world.

Q: What’s your return policy?

FinalStraw is 100% committed to providing our customers with the world's most badass straw. However, if you are at all unsatisfied, we will accept all returns with a full refund.

Q: What is the FinalStraw Awesome-Warranty, and what makes it so awesome?

Here at FinalStraw, we stand 100% behind our products and offer a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have issues with your straw we will replace it for free.

Q: What materials are used in the straw?

The outside of the straw is stainless steel and the inner elastic material is made from medical & food grade TPE tubing. FinalStraw is latex free.

Q: What grade of stainless steel are you using?

FinalStraw is constructed out of type 304 stainless steel.

Q: Can the straw be used for hot drinks?

FinalStraw is dishwasher safe and therefore can withstand temperatures of up to 250 Fahrenheit. FinalStraw is great for hot, cold, and even lukewarm beverages if you like those.

Q: Can I buy more squeegees as an add-on?

Yes! We will be providing you with the opportunity to purchase additional cleaning squeegees.  

Q: Can I take the case apart to clean it?

The hinge on the case does not detach, however, the case is very easy to clean. Soap and water will make your case squeaky clean.

Q: How do I clean the squeegee itself?

The squeegee is easily cleaned with water and soap. You can also run it through your dishwasher if you feel like it!